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Founder, Director, and Chief Consultant,
Jewel Autism and Child Development Centre

Founder, Director, and Chief Consultant, Jewel Autism and Child Development Centre

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With a profound understanding of autism spectrum disorders and a wealth of expertise, Dr. Samuel brings unparalleled insights and innovative strategies to empower children with autism towards a brighter future. His journey includes invaluable contributions to the World Health Organization (WHO), where he participated in numerous international projects since 2001.

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No.1 autism consultant in India
Dr Jameson Samuel

He is an Occupational Therapist (MOT Paediatrics), Child Psychologist, and Sensory Integration Certified from the University of Southern California, the USA having 21 years of experience including his experience in the World Health Organization from 2001. He was a part of various international projects in WHO. He worked as a tsunami rehabilitation coordinator with a big team of professionals and rehabilitated 100 families. He voluntarily left this job to put all his efforts into the future of kids with autism and to nurture the organization. He has research experience in the child development field and had publications and presentations all over the world. He is a consultant and advisor for various organizations in Europe and Asia in the field of autism. He is a member of BRC and works as a resource person for various child development centres and educational centres in India.
Being the Director of India’s most trusted centre in terms of Child Development needs, Dr. Jameson Samuel is also involved in various social outreach programs. He plays a significant role in spreading awareness among the public on ASD and Developmental Disorders. ‘Teach and Train’ is one of his most recognized social projects where normal school teachers all over Kerala are focused. A team of professionals along with Dr. Jameson educates and provides hands-on training to these teachers on how to handle the behavior of autistic kids in a normal school. Awareness classes are organized for teachers, parents, and college students to identify and treat child developmental disorders at the earliest. As part of this, 7 government schools were adopted and assessments and interventions were done by professionals at Jewel Autism and Child Development Centre.
Recognizing his expertise, dedication, and loyalty in the field of Autism treatment, Dr. Jameson Samuel was awarded the Autism Superhero award from Sunderji’s Global Academia. He was featured in all leading media which includes: The Times of India, Indian Express, Malayala Manorama, Asianet News, Mathrubhumi, Deepika, Kerala Kaumudy, Mangalam, Madhyamam, Kairali, Reporter Live.