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I’m Dr. Jameson Samuel.​

Welcome to Dr. Jameson Samuel’s official website, your trusted destination for exceptional autism consulting services in India. Dr. Samuel is an Occupational Therapist (MOT Paediatrics), Child Psychologist, and Sensory Integration Certified professional with over 20 years of dedicated experience in transforming the lives of children with autism.

20+ Years Experience ​
10000+ Happy Clients​
best autism consultant in India

Jewel Autism Rehabilitation
Centre Dubai

JEWEL CHILDREN WITH AUTISM REHABILITATION CENTRE , Dubai branch to host, Clinicians Counselors, special educators, Inclusion dept heads, Coordinators, and school principals from 42 schools in Dubai for a workshop




Occupational Therapy

Tailored interventions to enhance daily living skills.


Speech Therapy

Specialized techniques to improve communication abilities.


Behavioural Therapy

Structured programs to address behavioral challenges.


Remedial Education Program

Individualized education plans for academic progress.


Social Skills Training

Engaging sessions to foster social interactions.


Play Therapy

Therapeutic play sessions for emotional expression.


Sensory Integration

Techniques to manage sensory sensitivities.



Physical interventions for enhanced mobility.


Social Work Department

Supportive services for holistic development.


Department of Clinical Psychology

Expert counseling and psychological support.


Back to School

Transition support for successful school integration.


Child Guidance Clinic

Comprehensive assessments and guidance.



Dr. Jameson Samuel’s expertise has been acknowledged globally, including being honored at prestigious events such as the 61st International Conference in Kochi, Kerala, where his contributions to child development were celebrated by AIOTA.
No 1 autism consultant in India

61st International
Conference Kochi, Kerala

Thank you AIOTA for honoring the CEOs of Jewel autism centre, India & UAE in India’s biggest conference OTICON 2024 (61st international conference Kochi) for their contributions to the child development field.

When Ms. Juhi Yasmeen Khan’s Visit at Jewel, UAE

Thank you for your visit to Jewel Children with Autism and Rehabilitation Center, Ms. Juhi Yasmeen Khan is a CSR expert, a humanitarian, a social leader, a mentor, and a fashion designer in Dubai, UAE. And she is also a CSR and charity initiative expert and consultant of Dar AI Ber Society Government of Dubai. Thank you so much for your visit to our Dubai branch.
Jewel autism therapy centre Dubai

Interview with RJ Carl at
No.1 Radio Station in UAE

Interview with RJ Carl at No.1 Radio Station in UAE, Club FM 99.6 on Understanding Autism with our Directors Dr. Jameson Samuel and Dr. Jency Blesson.

Jewel Autism Rehabilitation Dubai

JEWEL CHILDREN WITH AUTISM REHABILITATION CENTRE ,Dubai branch to host, Clinicians Counselors, special educators , Inclusion dept heads, Coordinators and school principals from 42 schools in dubai for a workshop

Jewel Autism Rehabilitation
Centre Kerala

Experience the best in autism consulting services at Jewel Autism and Child Development Centre, located in Kerala, India. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a transformative journey toward realizing your child’s full potential. Jewel Autism And Child Development Centre, Cheriyapally Hospital Buildings, Ooppoottil Kavala, Chalukunnu, Kottayam, Kerala 686001.